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Earlier this year Brand Genetics collaborated with Business masters students at the University of Bath to explore how FMCG businesses must consider Diversity and Inclusion in innovation.

In this article we are going to explore what these principles mean within the personal care and beauty category;

Few have faced as many challenges in opening the doors as the beauty sector. For a long time, Beauty brands infamously drove exclusivity as an aspiration and only now are we are beginning to witness a stark (but welcome) shift towards inclusivity.

Not only are brands, such as Dove, driving the beauty of individual…


It wasn’t so long ago that we in the marketing world were transfixed by the twin meta-influences of Globalisation and Technology. But times are changing. COVID has joined the party, and its impact is being keenly felt.

For me, this was best summed up by Consumer Psychologist, Dr Paul Marsden, in this webinar on The Laws of Human Nature; “COVID is not a change agent, it’s a trend accelerator.” Initiatives that would have taken years (not least the development and implementation of a vaccine programme) are now happening in months.

So, what does our super-charged new world mean for marketing…

“You can’t win anything with kids” said renowned BBC pundit, Alan Hansen, following the opening day of the 1995 Premier League season.

He was alluding to a youthful Manchester United outfit that had just lost their opening fixture of the campaign. 260 days later they were crowned champions and thereafter known as one of the greatest football teams to play ‘the beautiful game’: disproving the validity of any such concerns.

From Hansen’s, now infamous, soundbite we can learn a lot about historic and systemic attitudes towards youth vs experience and how the former is often overlooked as a component of…

As we slowly but surely move away from the imminent dangers of the pandemic and the drudgery of lockdown (he says with real optimism), the natural question on everyone’s lips is “what will post-COVID life be like”?

Many press column-inches have been filled with talk on the topic, with predictions ranging from the second-coming of the roaring twenties to a more gloomy dog-eat-dog world where we will need all our wits to survive.

Regardless of what the exact future looks like, one thing we know is the pandemic has dramatically accelerated many macro-trends that were already evident before COVID-19 became…

Like many companies, research agencies had to adapt or die during the pandemic. The days of travelling around and speaking with people in focus groups and IDIs, in bars or in their own homes stopped abruptly. Almost overnight, Incling communities, Zoom groups and Google Meets became the life-blood of qualitative research.

Agencies started whole new learning curves as it became clear that new skills were urgently required, and clients needed reassuring that these new techniques would still get the job done. Nonetheless, slowly but surely, everyone settled down into this new routine. Agencies developed new and innovative ways of using…


“My legs may be tired, but my mind is racing and I’m hoping to be back very soon with other ways in which I can help people, help others.”

There is a common misconception that change and progress happens overnight. We live in an age where ‘agile’ is often used as shorthand for ‘doing it faster’.

As an innovation agency, clients often expect a ‘golden ticket’ solution rather than a strategic play that can move the team further down the field (apologies for the analogy…but it is SuperBowl week).

However, the…

With festivities just around the corner, it’s becoming increasingly evident that the ‘holiday’ season we once knew will look and feel quite different this year.

Bubbled households, places of worship delivering services via Zoom, spilling mulled wine on the living room carpet rather than the tiled floor of your local pub… are all notable changes that serve as a harsh reminder of the impact COVID has had on our lives, and effect how we can celebrate the uniquely human rituals of the festive season.

So, as the Winter-y days turn ever-darker, and as our news is filled with rising R…

As a host of European countries are plunged into another series of restrictions and national lockdowns, it would seem to be all too easy for brands and businesses to simply keep the ship afloat, putting growth plans and innovation agendas on the back-burner.

During the pandemic, it’s been said that “change is the only constant and disruption is the new normal”. With this in mind, brands must look to lean into these prevailing winds rather than attempt to hide from them.

If the first 8 months of COVID has taught us anything, it’s that fostering bravery, belief (in your vision)…

Has there ever been a more significant or polarising US Presidential Election? Donald Trump or Joe Biden? Who will be leading the Western World after next week? And could there ever be a bigger contrast in what it means to be a leader?

Love or loathe Donald Trump (and to declare my bias upfront, I’m firmly in the latter camp), you just can’t ignore him. His box office appeal is solid gold. …

Source: Business Insider

Last year, if someone had greeted me with a ‘foot shake’ I’d assume insanity, but in October 2020 it’s practically de rigueur. Instead of a hug we’re now exchanging tentative waves. Even Trump now accepts an elbow shake rather than touching another’s “disgusting” hand. Fundamentally, the ways in which we greet each other have changed as we physically distance ourselves from one another, in an attempt to keep the world safe.

An interaction as simple as a handshake between two strangers is no longer a friendly greeting but a potentially embarrassing, risky and ‘irresponsible’ act in the age of COVID-19.

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